Jump Down

Jump Down
(NB this is the second half of Pick A Bale)
*** Music Track
32 count Pick A Bale by Derek Ryan
4 wall
 1 – 4 GV R, scuff L forwards
 5, 6 Step forwards onto L, tap R toe behind with a dip
 7,8 Step back on R, heel dig L diagonally to front
 9 – 12 GV L with 1/4 turn to L, scuff R forwards
13,14 Step forwards onto R, tap L toe behind with a dip
15,16 Step back on L, heel dig R diagonally to front
17 – 20 Walk backwards RLR, and hitch the L knee up in front
21 -24 Step forwards L, lock R toe behind, step L forwards and hold
25, 26 Stomp R to R, hold
27,28 Stomp L to L, hold
29 – 32 with feet apart, heel bounce 3 times on the spot, hold