Laid Back

Laid Back
2 wall Music Track
32 step Laid Back ‘n’ Low
 1 – 8 4 toe struts on R, L, R and L, clicking fingers
   ( step fwds onto toe and drop heel behind)
 9 – 12 Monterey 1/4 turn to R
    (touch R toe to R, and pivot on ball of L foot to the R and step feet together
     touch L toe to L and touch together)
13 – 16 Rocking chair on L
    (rock fwds of R, and back onto L. Rock back onto R and fwds onto L)
17 – 20 Sway fwds on R, recover on L, Sway fwds on R and touch L tog
21 – 24 Sway fwds on L, recover on R, Sway fwds on L and touch R tog
25 – 28 2 Kick ball changes with R.
29 -32 1/4 turn jazz box step
    (cross R over L, step back on L, step R to side with 1/4 turn R, step feet tog)