Rock n Roll King

Rock n Roll King
*** Rock N Roll Is King
4 wall
32 count
 1 + 2 + Side step to L, feet tog. Side step to L and touch R
 3 + 4 + Side step to R touch L, side step L touch R
 5 + Side step to R, feet tog.
 6 + Make 1/4 turn R stepping fwds on R and hitch L knee
 7 + Step fws L makin 1/2 turn and hitch R knee
 8 + Step fws R makin 1/2 turn and hitch L knee
 9 + 10 Mambo fwds on L and hold
11 + 12 + Rocking chair backwards on R
13, 14, 15 Strut backwards on R L and R
16 + Step back L and bring feet together
17 + 18 Diagonal shuffle to L on L foot.
19 Make 1/4 turn to R stomping on R foot and clap
20 Make 1/2 turn to L stomping on L foot and clap
21 Step fwds on R foot with heel facing inwards
 + 22 + Swivel out in out putting weight up on R foot when finished
23 + Cross tap the L heel in front of R foot and replace to side
24 + Cross tap the R heel in front of L foot and replace to side
25 + 26 + Step fwds onto L foot and then make a 1/2 turn shimmy
27 + 28 keeping weight on L foot shuufle fwds RLR
 + scuff L
29 + 30 + 1/4 turn box to left, stepping across with R foot to end
31 + 32 + Weave to L stepping L, behind with R, L, in front with R
Tag on walls Step fwds L and clap twice, step fwds R clap once.
 3 + 6 Start from the beginning again
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