Beer Money

 Beer Money
*** Beer Money
4 wall
32 count
 1 – 4 R Kick Ball change X2
 5,6 Rock out or R, replace weight on L.
 7+8 Cross shuffle RLR to L diagonal
 9, 10 1/4 turn R stepping on L, 1/2 turn R stepping R
11+12 1/4 turn shuffle stepping LRL
13, 14 Cross R fwds on R, replace weight on L
* 15,16 1/4 turn R shuffling RLR (on restart -no shuffle, step R and L)
17 – 20 Rock fwds on L, replace weight on R, L coaster step
21+22 Step fwds on R and hip bump RLR
23+24 Step fwds on L and hip bump LRL
** 25 – 28 1/4 turn R jazz box
29, 30 Rock out to R with R, make 1/4 turn L replacing weight onto L
31, 32 Stomp R and Stomp L
restart 1 * On wall 5 (facing 12 oclock) after 16 steps, stepping R and L
tag ** On wall 10 (facing 3 oclock) repeat steps 25 – 32
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