* I think the world needs a drink
1 wall
16 count
(start in a circle, facing the outside)
 1, 2 Step to L and tap R together
 3, 4 Step to R and tap L together
 5, 6 Step to L and tap R together
 7, 8 Step to R, make 1/4 turn to R and kick L fwds
 9 – 12 Stepping LRLR make a 3/4 turn L to face the centre of circle
13 Step L behind R.
14, 15 Stepping RL make a 1/2 turn R to face the outside of circle again
16 Step R behind L.
As a partner dance stand one in front of the other,
Hold hands over the shoulders
When turning 3/4 L, drop L hands and hold in small of back
Rejoin hands when facing the outside again