Covid Rules

Welcome back Side Kicks!!!

First class will be on Monday July 5th for Class 1

Second class will be on Monday July 12th for Class 2 (and class 3 welcome to join if they wish)

And alternating from then onwards. Dates will be listed on separate notification.

Class will run from 7.30 to 8.30 at the cost of £4.

Doors will open at 7.20 and close at 7.30 – so don’t dilly dally on the way!!

For the time being (until Sarah’s knee is fixed and/or we get more willing organisers) there will be no classes on a Friday morning, and no class is suitable for brand new dancers – sorry!


Apologies for all the rules and regs – We are sure you understand that we have to comply with Mr Drakeford, and also keep as safe as possible.

  1. Please wear masks and keep them on until the class starts.
  2. There will be no chairs, so please bring as little with you as possible, (ie coats and bags) as cluttering the floor will be too hazardous. Preferably leave them at home or in your car.
  3. Pay at the front door, sign in for Track and Trace, and use hand gel
  4. Due to the limited numbers of 30 people in the hall and the organisation required, once the class reaches full capacity or the class has started, the front door will be closed, and no other dancers will be allowed entry.
  5. Only the disabled toilet is in use for everyone, and we ask that you spray both the toilet seat and the flush handle after using.
  6. There is no kitchen access so please bring any drinks you may need.
  7. Stay in your space during the class. We will alternate rows of 3 and 4 people throughout the length of the hall to also maximise diagonal spacing.
  8. We know you might not have seen each other for ages but please be aware of the social distancing rules when inside the hall – try to chat and mingle before the class begins. There is after all only a maximum of an hour for dancing (and laughing obviously!)
  9. At the end of the session please exit using the back door of the hall and tick the Track and Trace sheet to show you have left.
  10. It’s a new beginning for us all so bear with us while we try our best to get things up and running again.